How to Access a PC Running Windows 7 Without a Fixed IP

This article will explain how to be able to access a PC running Windows 7 from anywhere on the Internet. Before we begin, you should know that most users have a dynamic IP address, one that changes sometimes every 24 hours, which seems not simple to access a computer from the Internet. Here is the solution.

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On the Internet, any connected machine (including servers) are identified by a unique IP address. The servers have static IP addresses. Customers, however, often have dynamic IP addresses, which change each time they connect to the Internet. Since IP addresses are not easy to remember, DNS servers are used to associate domain names with corresponding IP addresses.

The service offered by DYNDNS dot ORG is designed for users who have dynamic IP addresses. This service assigns you a free domain name (your choice) and then follows the trail of the changes in your dynamic IP so that the chosen domain name always points to your machine even if the IP is constantly shifting.

The process involves three steps that we are going to review:

– Create an account at .

– Configuring your DynDNS account and choose your domain name.

– Configuring the japan wifi rental cheap or computer.

A. Let’s start by opening an account on

1- With the help of your browser, open dyndns dot com.

2- Click on Create Account.

3- Enter your name, email and a password for your account.

4 – Check the box “I agree” and click Create Account.

5- A validation email will be sent.

6- Wait for a few minutes, then open your email client. Locate the Mail from  Support and click on the link it contains. The account is now confirmed.

B. Set up your DynDNS account and select a domain name:

1 – Open your web browser at .

2 – Enter your username in the User field, and password in the Pass field.

3 – Click on Login.

4 – Go to the Services section.

5 – Select Dynamic DNS

6 – Click on Get Started

7 – Enter your name in “Hostname” then choose a domain in the popup menu. For example, choose “”, which will cause your machine to be identified as “”.

8 – Check the box Wildcard

9 – Select Host with IP address option

10 – Click on the link “Use Auto Detected IP address”

11 – Click Create Host

12 – Click on Payment (do not worry it’s free and the service does not require any means of payment)

13 – Click on the Activate Services.

That’s it! You can now pass to the last step.

C. Configuring your PC or router

We must now configure the DNS service to recognize your machine and monitor your IP address. Two cases arise:

CASE 1: You are connected to the Internet via a japan wifi promotion, Livebox, Freebox, etc.

In this case, you must configure your router to indicate IP changes to DynDNS. The method varies from one pocket wifi japan model to another, but still very similar in all cases.

– Connect to the configuration interface of your router (usually

– In the setup menu (or Advanced Configuration) locate an entry called DDNS, Dynamic DNS, DynDNS or Dynamic DNS.

– Select the  or service in the proposed list.

– Enter your domain name as defined in step 2 ()

– Then enter your DynDNS username and password (as defined in step 1).

– Confirm the changes. The system is now operational.

CASE 2: You are connected to the Internet via a modem

In this case, you must install a small utility on your machine:

– Download the software DynDNS Updater by referring to DynDNS website.

– Run the installation by following the wizard: Click Next, then I Agree, then Next, then Next, then Install and then click Finish.

– The software automatically launches and asks for details of your account

– Enter your DynDNS username and password (as defined in step 1).

– The list of domains associated with your account appears. Check all that must be related to this machine and click Apply. Enjoy!